Subproject 1

More transformative agreements
for Austria

This subproject aims to increase the number of contracts with Open Access components (transformative agreements) with scholarly publishers. The previous AT2OA project has made a substantial contribution to funding transformative agreements with Springer, Wiley and Elsevier. AT2OA2 ensures a continuation of the funding programme.

Subproject 2

Austrian Datahub for Open Access Negotiations and Monitoring

Based on the recommendations developed as part of the previous AT2OA project, a national Data Hub has been set up. The Austrian Data Hub for Open Access Negotiations and Monitoring processes publication data from various sources to facilitate Austria-wide open access monitoring and to support negotiations with scholarly publishers. The enriched data will be made available for reuse by all participating institutions. Once the project is completed, the data hub will be set up as a permanent and regular service.

Subproject 3

Analysis of publication costs at Austrian universities

A survey and analysis of the status quo of publication cost management practices at Austrian universities and research institutions. Guidelines and training materials are developed to optimise the interaction between university libraries, finance departments, quality management and research information systems (RIS) so that in the future, publication costs can be clearly identified and correctly allocated.

Subproject 4

Predatory Publishing

In the wake of changes in scholarly communication, particularly through Open Access and prevailing issues in the field of academic publishing, “Predatory Publishers” have succeeded in carving out a lucrative field of business. In essence, predatory practices are fraudulent business models. These journals now number in the thousands. The methods used by the publishers are diverse, as are the reasons for academics to publish with them. The problem is not only that a fraudulent system is supported (in some cases with public funds) but, above all, the serious impact it has on researchers, institutions, science and society. This necessitates an in-depth exploration of the issue as well as the development of practices and a diverse range of information resources. Subproject 4 Predatory Publishing is dedicated to addressing these tasks.

Subproject 5

Visibility of
Open Access publications

This subproject investigates, among others, whether Open Access contributes not only to enhancing the accessibility of scientific literature but also to fostering increased visibility.
Building on the dataset from the preceding AT2OA project and expanding it to cover recent years, alternative metrics will be employed to assess the visibility of Open Access publications (as well as Closed Access publications), not only within the scientific community but also on the web. In addition to the classic citation count, the primary focus will be on new forms of scientific communication that generate so-called online attention, thereby providing indications about the reception and impact of publications.
The subproject is supported by the provider Altmetric as part of a partnership.